About Inventi

We invest in companies in various complex stages of development: strategic redevelopment, conversion to new production lines, and startup stage. We assist in the management of growth, and in implementing the turnaround needed to stabilize the company’s critical situation. We join with partners in the evaluation of strategic alternatives to generate cashflow for subsequent restructuring. We work side by side with our preferred creditors to assist them and evaluate with them the quality of the company’s restructuring plans. We are innovative in our strategies, our approach, and our solutions, bringing to the centre of our ‘modus operandi’ both vision, and the determination to achieve each projects aims. Furthermore, we assist future entrepreneurs interested in make their own business projects happen and, together, we set out the route necessary to transform an innovative ideas into a successful business.


It is not in the stars to hold our destiny
but in ourselves.
William Shakespeare.

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Viale Marconi 63. 33170 Pordenone. Italy

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